The actions to be developed to achieve the purposes proposed by Más de Arte, are mainly framed in these eight points:


We organize thematic workshops in various disciplines of plastic arts and design.


We create events that connect plastic arts and design with diverse activities.


We promote collective or individual exhibitions that gather different disciplines.


Both the promotion of own contests and the dissemination of those organized by other groups is an incentive for all who begin, as well as those who have been in their specialty for some time.


We are working to create an online showcase, through which associates can show and sell their works.


From Mas de Arte, we are committed to collaboration with other arts disciplines. It is enriching and helps spread and enhance all the arts.


In Mas de Arte we are committed to mentoring as a tool for artistic and professional development, being aware that a high percentage of projects start with a strong impulse and enthusiasm, and are diluted in time until their disappearance. How, then, can we have good results and durability in such projects?

Why not encourage these activities? Why not give impact to a system that can help improve the quality of new businesses? It is a cheap model and that, well managed and with institutional support, it can offer great benefits to its participants, mentors and mentors.


We work in collaboration agreements with companies and institutions, so that our associates obtain advantages of all kinds.

Discounts in bookstores, fine art material, free museum tickets, access to events and many more.